Mini Portable Lint Fluff Remover

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Mini Portable Lint Fluff Remover

  • Our Lint removers for clothes are very lightweight, small in size, and suitable to put in a handbag, use anywhere and anytime. A great alternative to sticky metal lint rollers.
  • A carpet scraper & de bobber for clothes is an excellent solution to remove fuzz, lint, or pet hair quickly and easily.
  • Our reusable lint remover & carpet scraper is made with quality materials that ensure great resistance and durability.
  • Our lint roller pet hair remover for multi-purpose like floors, bedding, carpets, sofas, car seats, clothes, dust, yarn, hair, etc.
  • The two kinds of lint remover are useful to our life because they are basic and necessary tools in our home, which will bring much convenience to our life.
  •  Safe and effective for removing lint, pills, and lint from sweaters, blankets, curtains, carpets, etc without worrying about low power consumption.


  • Wool removal brush: mini portable razor for fluffy fabrics
  • feature: Take out of clothes
  • Usage: Other
  • Style: Manual
  • Removes lint: Razor anti fluff
  • Production: Other
  • Product: Lint remover for clothing

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